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Hi, this Ossafety.The Ossafety are just a way for the rescuers to kind of remember the different steps they need to go through when performing CPR and checking for responsiveness of a patient. A stands for airway, the B fo breathing and C for circulation. In the air part of the airway what that includes is opening up the airway of the patient. Earlier we talked about opening up the airway using the head tilt chin lift and also the modified jaw thrust by using your thumbs and kind of the pinching motion to open up the airway when you don’t want to miss with the cervical spine. Once you have the airway open you can move on to the B for breathing the breathing part include both accessing breathing and giving exhalations. So first look, listen and feel putting your ear next to the mouth feeling for any breath and listening for any breath or any noise while looking down the plane of the chest for any chest rise. Do this for about 5-10 seconds. Once you access that the patient is not breathing it is important to give a ventilation. Giving a ventilation again using our a OK for holding the mask. What you want to do maintaining opening up that airway go ahead and give one slow deep breath just enough for chest rise not to much. Once you have chest rise you give them one ventilation you want to make sure you give a second ventilation. Once you have given a second ventilation you can move on to C for checking for circulation. You do that by checking  the carotid pulse. Don’t ever move from one step with out making sure you have completed the previous step. Don’t go onto breathing until you have opened up the airway and don’t check for a pulse until after you have given two adequate exhalations. If for some reason you are not able to give two adequate exhalations you must assume that there is an obstruction of the airway and you should proceed taking care of that obstruction before you go any further.Read more




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Hi this is natdesigncenter I wanted to talk about how to determine the appropriate materials, you know, what have to even start on when you have made the decision to go ahead and remodel your bath remodeling oange county. The very first place you need to begin is you need to think about what is the overall use of the bathroom. Is this a bathroom that is going to be used very seldom such as a powder bath as an example or is this going to be a master bath or a children’s bathroom that is going to get a lot of use and a lot of wear and tear.Do you have spots on your carpet that no matter how many times you get Kitchenthey keep re-appearing in the same place? Do you have a cat that has sprayed in your house, or on your favorite piece of furniture that you love -everyone is telling you, “You’ll never get that smell out”…? Has a pipe burst in your home and flooded your carpets, floors and walls? Have you tried other carpet cleaning companies, who all promised they could clean “anything”, but their results didn’t deliver as promised? Would you like to have your carpets cleaned by THE EXPERT in Southern California on Eliminating pet stains and odors and creator of the Extreme Furniture Reclamation technique? Would you like to have your carpets cleaned by the only Expert in Southern California that guarantees if you are not happy with his company’s work – they will keep coming back for FREE until you are? If any of this sounds like you, then Perry Fisser and Surfside Carpet Cleaning is the last carpet cleaning company you will ever need…



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Hai this isJVA global Associates in Bangalore You are confronted by one of your neighbors who seems like they want to get in to a pushing and shoving contest and you are concerned what happens to you if you shove them back, are you subject to a lawsuit  or whatever. That avoids all of these problems and questions and answers that follow. If you do get in to a matter that involves physical aggression and someone is threatening your well being, you do have the right to defend by our self. Now of course the extent to which you have the right to defend yourself and the extent to  which you can physically protect yourself and assault another person is going to vary from state to state. This involves not  only criminal laws but also involves civil laws. So you’re not only looking at criminal prosecution but you’re also looking at  the possibility of being sued. Obviously if you are not the aggressor, in most states, and you’re simply trying to defend yourself and you can demonstrate that that’s all you were doing, you lessen the chances of your liability. clickhere


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Hai this is Dr. Chandra shekar naidu brain and spine surgeon in hyderabad, I take care of many complex spine problems, degenerative spine problems, spinal instability and discraniations. I also treat patients with brain tumors; perform craniotomies for brain tumors and for trigeminal neuralgia. And, I take care of patients with peripheral nerve problems, such as peripheral nerve entrapment disorders and carpal tunnel syndrome. I take a very personal approach with a patient and many times for each problem there’s a surgical option but there may be non-surgical options as well. So I try to collaborate with the patient and review all of the options for their particular problem. Try to get them the best treatment that they can have. I am accessible to referring doctors. I can be paged or reached at my office any time. Easy to refer a patient to my practice. If it’s a non-urgent type of referral, they can always fax the patient demographics, any imaging studies so that we know where the imaging studies have been performed and what has been already performed on the patient in terms of a workup. If a referring physician has an urgent consult I can be paged and am always happy to speak to a referring doctor. One of the nice things about technology is many times I can actually visualize the patient’s images on my computer and speak to the physician at the same time so that they can come up with a good treatment plan for the patient. I enjoy practicing at Community Hospital. The nursing staff in the operating room is often the same team so that I have a dedicated confident team working with me in the operating room so that we can achieve the best possible result. And Community’s been very dedicated to technology and investing in good technology for neurosurgical care.


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Hi this is Uma I’m going to talk about how to reduce age spots without going to the dermatologist. Pretty simple, there’s lots of products on the market almost every brand has something, what they’ll call it is a skin lightener or brightener. You can get them in all price ranges. You can go to the drug store and get something called Ambi and they have that for normal combination and dry skin and or Lancomme or Fashion Fare Vantex all great products. Clarence also has a good one. So what we are going to do is just get the skin cleaned and toned and take the product and on a Q tip or on your finger, may as well show it to you on your finger. I’m more comfortable that way, and locate the dark spot and spot treat it. Just put it on and blend it in. Now I’m going to say this and emphasize this. Dark spots tend to be from the sun so we are going to keep a sun screen on, that’s it. The more you do it the faster it is going to fade. Don’t do it more than twice a day because these products tend to be a little bit harsh on your skin so spot treat if you only have a spot but if you feel like you have it all over your face and you want to even the skin tone all over, put it all over but be careful with that and monitor it because your skin will get very light and keep a sun screen on it or it is not going to help at all. To know procedure for dermatology     Visitsite


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Hai this is Dr. Rajesh vasu Liposuction surgen in hyderabad. here we’ll talk about different techniques of liposuction. All liposuction is based on,as we discussed previously, a cannula, or a thin tube, generally made of metal which is hollow, and it has some openings at the end. And, then there’s a handle, and the cannulas come in different lengths and different diameters, this is a three millimeter. This is generallyhe type I use, very, very thin and narrow, which carefully removes small amounts o f fat without creating any problems with the skin or by removing too much fat. For example: this is then connected to a machine through a tube, which is to create suction, and then the cannula is passed through the skin, back and forth in order to remove the fat. This device is a infiltration cannula which is utilized to place a large volume of dilute salt water or ringers lactate solution with some local anesthetic and with some adrenaline or epinephrine, before the surgery to minimize bleeding, to control the removal, to give the patient some fluid and to facilitate the liposuction in the most common type, which is also known as tumescent liposuction.



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My name is Dr G Chaitanya kumar Reddy and I’m dentist in dental clinic in Hyderabad. . It’s our job to make sure that everyone gets an exam every year and we  have to make sure that everybody’s dentally fit. If they have any issues dentally, we have to take care of those before they  deploy. A deployment is any type of mission where the patient or the service member has to go overseas, and basically stop  everything they’re doing and help with a mission. My day typically starts with exam and sick call. Anything [any person] that  walks i  the door, from exams to people in severe tooth pain. Some of the things that I like to do are root canals and crowns  and bridges A root canal is sometimes needed when somebody has a large cavity that’s real close to the nerve and the bacteria  has gotten into the nerve and caused pain. So in order to save the tooth, you have to do what’s called a root canal. My first  job was to be a dental assistant. So I was actually on the other side of the chair helping the dentist. So I enjoyed it so much that I decided to pursue a career in Army dentistry. I would encourage that they [kids] get really good grades in  school. Focus on math and science, for the most part. And another thing I’d suggest is maybe taking an art class. It helps  build a foundation for using their hands and that’s something that’s a very important aspect of dentistry, being comfortable  working with your hands. It gives them a keen eyefor detail. With working with such a small field [area], you really have to  pay attention to detail. These are my Dental Loupes that I use to help magnify my field of vision. So basically every time I  work I wear these so I can tell exactly what I’m looking at and how far down I need to go. My advice for kids would be, first  and foremost a healthy diet. Believe it or not a healthy diet can really go a long way to keeping your teeth cavity free. I  would encourage making smart decisions for snacking and incorporating fruits and vegetables into the daily diet. Drinking  plenty of water and brushing twice a day for two minutes. And more importantly, they should probably keep up with their  regular check ups with their family dentist. click here to contact us. To know more details about dental implants in hyderabad click here



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