no software or plug-ins to install from any web browser anywhere in the world OMS partners can log into their portal and manage their SIMs there is also a comprehensive set of development API’s called omega ricochet which can allow developers to integrate OMS features into their own applications omega management suite makes it easy to bring M2M (machine to machine) applications to market quickly in as little as the day and allows users to easily add new features change billing plans on the fly and more OMS can be adapted to fit the needs of the smallest to the largest M2M (machine to machine) deployment since 2011 RACO Wireless has experienced 300% year over year growth in M2M (machine to machine) connections, signing on well over six hundred solution partners OMS is helping many large enterprises implement projects that traditionally would have taken years to complete and required tens of millions of dollars of investment it’s the reason the businesses have held back on M2M (machine to machine) adoption not building it into their business plans RACO’s platform has made M2M (machine to machine) easier and more cost effective to deploy and enterprises using OMS can see up to forty percent return on investment within their first year of implementation RACO Wireless and the Omega Management Suite bringing an effective M2M (machine to machine) solution to your business.