Your first bill may have a number of different charges depending on the services you subscribe to. We’ll tell you more about One Off Charges, Service Charges and Call Charges.”One Off Charge” is a term we use to describe a product or service that you have ordered which requires an initial payment. This covers a number of things, but some of the common ones include the Installation Charge, Delivery Charge, Vision activation charge and Engineer Visit Charge. We’ll take you through them now. The installation charge may be raised when you apply for service from BROADBAND BILLING. The charge covers work an engineer has done to connect the line. The engineer might not have been to your house, but will have carried out work elsewhere to make your line active. If you signed up on a special offer with discounted or free installation you will still see the installation charge but there will be a credit later in your bill. Delivery charges show the cost of postage and packing for your Home Hub. If you have ordered BROADBAND BILLING Vision, you will see an activation charge, and if your pack includes a viewing card, the charge for this will appear on the first bill too. BROADBAND BILLING Infinity customers will see an engineer visit charge to cover the installation fee for this service. Now we’ll explain a bit more about service charges that you may see on your bill.