Liposuction clinic:


Hai this is Dr. Rajesh vasu Liposuction surgen in hyderabad. here we’ll talk about different techniques of liposuction. All liposuction is based on,as we discussed previously, a cannula, or a thin tube, generally made of metal which is hollow, and it has some openings at the end. And, then there’s a handle, and the cannulas come in different lengths and different diameters, this is a three millimeter. This is generallyhe type I use, very, very thin and narrow, which carefully removes small amounts o f fat without creating any problems with the skin or by removing too much fat. For example: this is then connected to a machine through a tube, which is to create suction, and then the cannula is passed through the skin, back and forth in order to remove the fat. This device is a infiltration cannula which is utilized to place a…

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