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Hai this isJVA global Associates in Bangalore You are confronted by one of your neighbors who seems like they want to get in to a pushing and shoving contest and you are concerned what happens to you if you shove them back, are you subject to a lawsuit  or whatever. That avoids all of these problems and questions and answers that follow. If you do get in to a matter that involves physical aggression and someone is threatening your well being, you do have the right to defend by our self. Now of course the extent to which you have the right to defend yourself and the extent to  which you can physically protect yourself and assault another person is going to vary from state to state. This involves not  only criminal laws but also involves civil laws. So you’re not only looking at criminal prosecution but you’re also looking at  the possibility of being sued. Obviously if you are not the aggressor, in most states, and you’re simply trying to defend yourself and you can demonstrate that that’s all you were doing, you lessen the chances of your liability. clickhere