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My name is Dr G Chaitanya kumar Reddy and I’m dentist in dental clinic in Hyderabad. . It’s our job to make sure that everyone gets an exam every year and we  have to make sure that everybody’s dentally fit. If they have any issues dentally, we have to take care of those before they  deploy. A deployment is any type of mission where the patient or the service member has to go overseas, and basically stop  everything they’re doing and help with a mission. My day typically starts with exam and sick call. Anything [any person] that  walks i  the door, from exams to people in severe tooth pain. Some of the things that I like to do are root canals and crowns  and bridges A root canal is sometimes needed when somebody has a large cavity that’s real close to the nerve and the bacteria  has gotten into the nerve and caused pain. So in order to save the tooth, you have to do what’s called a root canal. My first  job was to be a dental assistant. So I was actually on the other side of the chair helping the dentist. So I enjoyed it so much that I decided to pursue a career in Army dentistry. I would encourage that they [kids] get really good grades in  school. Focus on math and science, for the most part. And another thing I’d suggest is maybe taking an art class. It helps  build a foundation for using their hands and that’s something that’s a very important aspect of dentistry, being comfortable  working with your hands. It gives them a keen eyefor detail. With working with such a small field [area], you really have to  pay attention to detail. These are my Dental Loupes that I use to help magnify my field of vision. So basically every time I  work I wear these so I can tell exactly what I’m looking at and how far down I need to go. My advice for kids would be, first  and foremost a healthy diet. Believe it or not a healthy diet can really go a long way to keeping your teeth cavity free. I  would encourage making smart decisions for snacking and incorporating fruits and vegetables into the daily diet. Drinking  plenty of water and brushing twice a day for two minutes. And more importantly, they should probably keep up with their  regular check ups with their family dentist. click here to contact us. To know more details about dental implants in hyderabad click here

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