Dermatologist in hyderabad


Hi this is Uma I’m going to talk about how to reduce age spots without going to the dermatologist. Pretty simple, there’s lots of products on the market almost every brand has something, what they’ll call it is a skin lightener or brightener. You can get them in all price ranges. You can go to the drug store and get something called Ambi and they have that for normal combination and dry skin and or Lancomme or Fashion Fare Vantex all great products. Clarence also has a good one. So what we are going to do is just get the skin cleaned and toned and take the product and on a Q tip or on your finger, may as well show it to you on your finger. I’m more comfortable that way, and locate the dark spot and spot treat it. Just put it on and blend it in. Now I’m going to say this and emphasize this. Dark spots tend to be from the sun so we are going to keep a sun screen on, that’s it. The more you do it the faster it is going to fade. Don’t do it more than twice a day because these products tend to be a little bit harsh on your skin so spot treat if you only have a spot but if you feel like you have it all over your face and you want to even the skin tone all over, put it all over but be careful with that and monitor it because your skin will get very light and keep a sun screen on it or it is not going to help at all. To know procedure for dermatology     Visitsite